Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to lose a guy after two dates.

Whats the best way to ditch a guy after a couple dates? I mean, date 1, you're stoked.... maybe overly stoked. Maybe overly stoked without probably cause. I suppose I'm a bad judge of character. That's not even the truth though,... it's not that "broseph" is a bad guy, by any means. He's just not up to par. And that's not wrong. That's what dating is, right? Trying on a bunch of lame ass shoes (eh hem, puffy ones,...) that don't fit, and continuing on the search. Carrying on,.... date #2 is where things come full circle. You realize (in my case), that you've already gotten to know a lot about them (see Date 1 "stoked"), seen that they may or may not be a gentlemen, etc. etc. Date # 2 is where you really see if you have chemistry or not (as I always say), if you REALLY have any similar interests, if you have that awesome ability to talk for hours and if you encompass that somewhat annoying issue of not being able to stop smiling. As I tell my good friend PantyGirlLA, answer the following questions and you will unveil the truth about dude in question. 

A)When you're out with your girlfriends, or with other dudes perhaps, do you find yourself wishing you were with him?

B)If you ran into your ex, would you be proud or embarrassed to be with new dude?
C)Do you despise his shoes? 

D)Do any of his fantastic other character qualities make up for said bad shoes?

E)Do you have fun with him?
                    F) Are you the sole supplier of laughter? Can he even come close to matching your extremely fantastic sense of humor?      

G)Does he leave you wanting to know more?                

In the case of Broseph, we have a definite failing grade. Solution? Ignore his texts? Ignore his calls? Be "busy" for the rest of my life? I hate being the bearer of bad news. But fuck, man. I've been dissed. I will be dissed again, and Broseph surely will too. Don't kill the messenger. And some of our standard words to live by, "Only God can judge you."

Yours Occasionally,

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