Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eyes Wide Shut


When you are having casual sex with a lady friend it's ok to open your eyes. Let me be clear, don't stare like you are a contestant in a see who laughs first competition, but a glance here and there is appreciated. I understand it may be awkward. This may only be one of the first times you and your partner have entered into holy mattress-mony, no pun intended. Or it may be one of the first times you've had "sober sex." We all know how weird that can be. I personally try to not let that happen very often, but I digress. If you do keep your peepers shut, here is an insight into the brain of a woman:
  • OMG what is he thinking?
  • Is my gut sticking out?
  • He thinks I'm fat, I fucking knew it!
  • I knew I should have joined 24 hour last month.
  • more CARBS
  • Tomorrow I start pilates and that's a promise!
  • My ex was right, no one will want my fat ass.
  • I wonder if his new girlfriend is fat.
  • I bet she is.
  • haha his girlfriend is fat and I am hot, just look at this young buck below me.
  • Wait, why are his eyes closed?

The possibilites are endless.

Too Legit To Quit,

Panty Girl LA

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